This zen ride includes 9 km of untouched beach and 3 km in the small fishing village, Mangue Seco, where you can enjoy a traditional meal of Northeast Brazil. This ride typically lasts 3 hours, but can be extended to an all-day tour to include a nice dinner and a visit to the famous seahorses lagoon, a popular local attraction.


This “can’t miss” spot is on every map! As we ride up a mountain, you will have a perfect 360 degrees view of the village; a perfect ride to witness the famous sunset of Jericoacoara.

You decide the duration of this ride either 1h30 to 2 hours.


The top pick of our clients, a breathtaking ride along the tropical beaches of Jericoacoara closing your adventure on the top of a dune. Tip: don't forget to make a wish the moment the sun hides behind the ocean! Although afternoon rides are the most popular due to Jericoacoara's famous sunset, early morning rides offer unique tranquility. The whole village is still asleep and it is just you and the sun rising to a new day!


The schedule is flexible, so you can decide on the duration of your ride.



After a superb ride on the beach, we ride back through the dunes and stop at a perfect location to see the moon.

The duration of this ride is approximately 2-3 hours.


This is the perfect ride to see the most beautiful lagoons in the region and to witness animals in their natural habitat. We begin this ride early in the morning to avoid intense heat and return around 15:30pm (approximately 5 hours of riding in total). By opting for this ride you will enjoy the day, stop and relax in a magnificent oasis alongside lagoons, where you can also find delicious local food. We will even come back in time to admire the sunset on top of the dunes where, as legend has it wishes come true!


The dunes of Jericoacoara are a wonder of nature.


With their different shapes and sizes, they are surrounded by magnificent lagoons shaped by rain water

*We understand that each client has individual dreams and budget. This is why we take pride in offering tailor-made tours after consulting with our clients. As a result, the price of each package is adapted accordingly. Contact us by email or phone for more information.

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*We offer safety helmets in a variety of sizes.

At Terra dos Cowboys, we love and have utmost respect for our horses. We offer our clients the opportunity to discover a little piece of paradise in Jericoacoara, while respecting its unique ecosystem.